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Buy and Sell Alert Signals

Buy and Sell Signals for Algo Sniper

All of the signals are meant to be an indication of a possible event: Bullish or Bearish. All of the Indicators and Signals from the indicator suite should be used in "confluence" with each other. In other words, do not just rely on one signal for a full analysis, use all the indicators together to form a proper analysis of what is likely to occur.

      The buy and sell signals are determined based on the firm confirmation the price is likely to head in that direction. Wait also for confirmation when seeing any signal, Confirmation is made when there is a signal and the next candle closes above or below that signaled candle’s wick. The next candle or the second candle confirms the signal when that/those candles close further than the first signaled candle’s wick. For a Buy signal to be valid, the next candle or second candle for further confirmation should close above that candle’s wick that received the Buy signal. For a valid Sell Alert, the next candle or second candle should close below the first candle’s wick that was signaled.

            If you see a signal and the confirmation conditions mentioned above were not meant, this is a false signal and should be ignored or heeded as a warning or future indication or signal of the sign that was made.

Divergence/Bottom/Top Indicator Signals

Multi Divergence indicator which also signifies market tops and bottoms for algo sniper indicator

    This is a Revolutionary indicator that predicts high-accuracy tops and bottoms. The signals of this indicator are formed when divergences appear from the best-used indicators in the world. You do not need to pull up all the major indicators anymore and spend countless hours searching for divergences. This indicator does all the work for you.

    Wait for the candle to close to confirm the divergence. The numbers show the number of divergences that are occurring; the higher the number, the more likely the reversal will take place. Use this tool with discretion and also heed the confirmation rules listed above.

     Divergences occur when the price of a particular asset is not moving in sync with indicators and oscillators. Usually, when the price diverges from indicators, it shows the Reversal or change of trend is soon to come. In an uptrend, the price will continue forming higher highs and higher lows; however, divergences occur when the price maintains its bullish structure, but indicators show a downtrend or lower highs and lower lows. Divergences usually signal reversals before they come or that a trend is soon coming to an end.

Trend Strength Dots


        This indicator provides insight into market trends, displaying whether the trend is bullish or bearish. A green dot accompanying a candlestick signals an uptrend and a likely increase in price. A red dot signals a downtrend or a change towards bearish conditions. If several consecutive green dots are followed by a red dot, it suggests a weakening of price and a potential trend reversal from bullish to bearish. The same logic applies in reverse: if consecutive red dots are followed by green dots, it may indicate a potential bottom and a coming bullish reversal.

Reversal Signals and Take Profit


With this signal, you will see the Red, and Green Diamonds. The Red and Green diamonds appear when a Confirmed bullish or bearish trend starts, usually, these will precede before crashes or pumps. The Diamonds can be used with confirmation as buy and sell signals.

Momentum Indicator with Signals

   This indicator shows the underlying momentum of any asset. This reveals the strength of a trend and when the trend is soon to reverse.

   Candlesticks can be deceptive and lead you to think things are strong in one direction, and then all of a sudden, the rug is pulled from under you, and you lose a lot of money. This indicator will help you to spot divergences in the price and momentum. It is highly recommended to pay attention to this indicator while you are in profits; when you see the price going in one direction while this indicator is moving in the opposite direction, it may be wise to consider taking profits.

   The signals included with this momentum indicator are also made by other momentum indicators that show reversals in momentum and direction of the trend.

   Diamonds and triangles will appear when the other indicators are reversing; the cluster of these signals and clusters of other indicators included in this suite will show you confirmation and confluence of a particular direction. The more signals, the more likely that direction will take place.

   We also just added a new momentum indicator which you can switch back and forth from. This one will show you the ideal areas to buy and sell and also showing the trend if its going up or down.

Institutional Money Indicator

Institutional money indicator

   This indicator is seen with the Red and Green Boxed areas. These are the demand and supply zones that hold much of the buy and sell orders. The Red areas are Supply zones where the prices will usually reverse, and the Green areas are the demand zones full of buy orders that usually will send prices up. These areas are where Institutions will make their trading decisions.
  Retail traders usually will buy in the Red Areas as the price is breaking resistance, whereas the Institutions are the ones who sell in those areas. 
  Retail traders sell in the green areas as their stop losses are hit on the support levels. This is where Big Money Buys.

Sniper Bands with Trend Changing Alerts(New)


This indicator is made up of a combination of slow and fast moving averages (EMA). Crosses between the green and red lines usually indicate a major change in trend. A green band suggests a strong uptrend, and it is best to only take long positions when the band is green. This allows users to easily see the current trend of the asset. If the band is red and the price is trading below the red band, there is a strong downtrend that is likely to continue, making it a good time to exit long positions and consider short positions. When the trend changes, red or green triangles appear to signal the shift in momentum.

Sniper Reversal Zones

Candle Sticks or The Price Action 85% of the time remains in the middle or the mean. When the price deviates from the mean or average the price will remain here about 5-10% of the time. This means the price will highly likely reverse whenever it deviates extremely from the mean or middle. The above indicator shows by the red and green areas when the price is in this extreme area. You can see above the price reverses 100% of the time when it reaches these areas. You do not want to buy buying in the red area or selling in the green area.

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